Our First Q&A!

Hey Readers! So today we are doing our first Q&A. If you read our previous posts, you may know that we asked for questions. We got quite a few questions from some really cool bloggers.

Also, there will be two answers for some questions because Tori and Bella have different opinions on certain topics.

Now, onto the questions and answers…

Which GOTY is your favorite?                                                                         Tori: Isabelle, definitely. Although she is not extremely unique, I think that she is gorgeous and her hair is pretty easy to manage and fun to do hairstyles with.

Bella: My favorites are probably Saige and Nikki. I love their hair colors and their freckles are so cute. They are both so different, but they are both gorgeous too!

What is the next AG doll you want?

Tori: If I were to get another AG doll, I would probably want a Wellie Wisher. My favorite Wellie Wisher is Ashlyn, so if I were to get one it would be her.                                  Bella:  I would most likely get Truly Me #39, but I also do love the red heads. If I do get her it would probably be a few years from now and I would probably name her Brooklyn.

When does your winter break start?

Both: Our winter break starts on December 23, the day before Christmas Eve.

What are you asking for for Christmas?

Tori: This year, I am not asking for any doll items. However, I will tell you the other things I am asking for. If you do not care, skip to the next question. I am asking for books, boardgames, and my favorite movie ever on DVD, National Treasure (seriously, it’s amazing. Go watch it.)                                                                                                                           Bella: This year for Christmas I am not asking for any doll items (not saying I definitely won’t get any). What I really want is catcher’s equipment for softball. I also want a few Alex and Ani bracelets, some Lush products (not that I need more), and turtle slippers.

When did you get your first AG Doll?                                                       Tori: I got my first AG doll, Angel (JLY #13), for Christmas in 2008.       Bella: I got my first AG doll, Natalia (JLY #30), for Christmas in 2010.

How many dolls do you have in total?                                                       Both: We have 5 dolls in total. Angel and Izzy are Tori’s. Talia, Dani, and Kenzie are Bella’s.

Who’s your best friend and why?                                                                   Tori: My best friend’s name is Chloe. We met on the first day of Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since.                                                                                                              Bella: My best friends name is Adriana. We haven’t been friends for that long, but she is wonderful. If you are interested in slime, go check out her slime shop on Etsy. It is called Little Slime Shoppe. I’m obsessed with her slime!

If you were to name yourself, what would your name be?             Tori: If I were to name myself, (assuming I have to give myself a new name) I would probably name myself a really pretty girly name, like Bella (aka my sister) or a version of it like Ella (who knows).                                                                                                                        Bella: I’m not sure what I would name myself. There are so many names I like. Glad I don’t have too!

Why do you like AG dolls?                                                                               Tori: I like AG dolls because they are a super fun hobby and there is so much to do with them. You can dress them, take photos of them, just play with them. They give you something to do in your freetime.                                                                            Bella: I like AG dolls because they are adorable. I love fashion so one of my favorite things to do is dress them. Also, blogging about them and taking pictures of them to share gives us and the people that view them joy.

Do you think AG is overpriced?                                                                       Both: Definitely. Especially now. Way back when, AG was even a little overpriced, but you could deal with it. Now, these prices are outrageous, which is why you rarely see us buy new things. We need to pay for college, you know.

Which one of your posts made you cringe?                                                    Both: Our Almost at 15 followers post makes us cringe now. At the time, it did not because it was a big deal to us, but now I realize that it was not that big of a deal. And why 15 followers? Why not 10 or 20? 15 is such a random number.

How long have you had your blog?                                                                 Both: We have had our blog since July 6, 2016.

When did you first find out about AG Dolls?                                                                  Both: We found out about AG sometime around 2008 or so. Our older cousin had American Girl dolls and whenever we went over her house, we would ask to play with them, so in 2008, our aunt gave Tori her first doll and Bella received a Bitty Baby that year.

Will you ever outgrow AG dolls?                                                                                   Both: Well, we cannot predict the future, but we are assuming that eventually, we will. (As much as we do not want to). It is just that we have taking so many breaks from playing with our dolls, that it is bound to happen that the break will be permanent at some point.

Well, there it is. Our first Q and A. We hope you enjoyed and thank you guys for submitting questions. We had a lot of fun answering them. If you have any follow up questions about the questions we answered, feel free to leave them in the comments and we will be glad to answer them!

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls


2 thoughts on “Our First Q&A!

  1. this was fun to read! i agree with you guys on ag being way too overpriced. there are a few accessories sets i’d love to get from them but probably won’t, because i really don’t feel like spending $30+ on something that small.

    hey, your winter break starts today! i’ve been off for almost a week already. 🙂

    xo loren

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! That’s why we don’t want to ask for anything from AG unless we know we REALLY want it because it is so overpriced and we don’t want anyone to waste their money on something that we won’t truly love. And yes, our winter break did start yesterday. Now, it’s crunch time to buy last minute gifts and wrap them all! He-he!

      Liked by 1 person

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