Wishing You Guys A Merry Christmas

Hey Readers! We know, we know. It’s not Christmas anymore! Well, we were busy on Christmas and we knew everyone would be posting yesterday, so we decided to do it today.

Instead of Fashion Friday this week, we decided that we would take pictures and create a Christmas post showing what all of our dolls were wearing. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you can still enjoy these pictures that we took of our dolls…

Without further ado….ENJOY


Although Izzy did not want to take this photo with her sister, we finally were able to snap it quickly before she could run away. he-he




Bella threw everything and the kitchen sink into this photo, but Dani seemed to enjoy it.



Izzy and Dani are having fun playing with snowmen and Rudolph.



Our Elf-on-the-Shelf, Elfis, made an appearance in this photo.



Happy Holidays from the AGsparklesisters gang!

We hoped you guys enjoyed seeing our dolls in their Christmas dresses. In the 3rd and 4th photos, our dolls are on chairs and Tori and Bella received for Christmas.

Tori’s favorite Christmas present was her book of Fairytales from The Land of Stories series. Bella’s was her catchers equipment for Spring softball.

What did you guys get for Christmas (if you celebrate it) and what was your favorite gift? Did your dolls get anything? We’d love it if you guys would let us know in the comments.

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls


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