Luciana Vega: GOTY 2018

Hey Readers! Happy 2018! Wow, 2017 was actually a pretty exciting year for us. We celebrated our one year blog-i-versary, and we began blogging again after a long break.

When we saw Luciana’s collection, we were blown away. American Girl went above and beyond this year. In our opinion, we feel that they tried to make up for the disappointment of Gabriella McBride. We love the STEM theme, as our school introduced a new STEM class this year in which Tori had a lot of fun building her own robot. It was appropriate for AG to introduce this new girl, helping to empower girls to become interested in STEM.

Without further ado, we are going to be giving you our thoughts on Luciana and her collection.

Luciana Doll + Book ~ $115

Unlike Gabriella, you can definitely tell that there was a lot of thought put into 2018’s Girl of the Year. We think that Luciana Vega is a pretty doll, especially with her unique purple streak in her hair. Although we are a fan of Luciana, we do not think we will purchase her. As for her outfit, we are EXTREMELY big fans. In our opinion, the only downside is the pouch on the belt, but if this outfit was sold separately we would definitely purchase it.


Luciana’s Accessories  ~ $25

Although we understand that Luciana is supposed to be an an aspiring astronaut and all, the only pieces we find neccessary in her accessories are the backpack and the ice cream.


Luciana’s Mars Habitat ~ $350

Our first thoughts on this set was that it was overpriced. Once we did more research on it, we thought it was COMPLETELY overpriced. Even though it comes with a lot of items, most of them are simply for decoration and cannot be played with much.


Luciana’s Flight Suit ~ $28

We did not expect this to be this cheap for an American Girl product. I mean, $28 for an AG outfit?!?!? That’s cheap. The color is beautiful and the patches add a lot of realistic detail. This outfit would look cute on any doll, but we think Luciana looks especially adorable in it.


Luciana’s Maker Station  ~ $100

Even though this is not as overpriced as the Mars Habitat, we do find this product overpriced because half of the set is basically Legos. As for the rest of the set, it does have a large play value.


Lucianas PJs ~ $24

Although these suit her very well and are adorable, we think they resemble more of everyday clothes than pajamas.


Luciana’s Telescope Projector Set  ~ $40

This set it cute, but $40 is definitely way too much for a telescope, blanket, and a few small items.


Luciana’s Robotic Dog  ~ $35

This robotic dog is so cool and extremely unique. American Girl has never done anything like it before. We think it is a perfect price for the amount of features that it is capable of. It can wag its tail, make sound, and so much more!


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit   ~ $34

We think this outfit is absolutely adorable and perfect for Luciana. The shoes would have to be our favorite part!


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories ~ $20

Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories are adorable and would be a perfect addition to a photoshoot. However, we feel that because most of the accessories are paper products, $20 is a little pricey.


Once again, we love Luciana’s collection and are surprised to see so many wonderful things in it.

What is your favorite item in Luciana’s collection? Tori’s would have to be the Robotic Dog, and Bella’s would probably be her meet outfit.

Thank you so much for reading and let us know what you think of GOTY 2018.

Write to you next time.

~ Tori, Bella, and the dolls


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