Luciana Vega: GOTY 2018

Hey Readers! Happy 2018! Wow, 2017 was actually a pretty exciting year for us. We celebrated our one year blog-i-versary, and we began blogging again after a long break.

When we saw Luciana’s collection, we were blown away. American Girl went above and beyond this year. In our opinion, we feel that they tried to make up for the disappointment of Gabriella McBride. We love the STEM theme, as our school introduced a new STEM class this year in which Tori had a lot of fun building her own robot. It was appropriate for AG to introduce this new girl, helping to empower girls to become interested in STEM.

Without further ado, we are going to be giving you our thoughts on Luciana and her collection.

Luciana Doll + Book ~ $115

Unlike Gabriella, you can definitely tell that there was a lot of thought put into 2018’s Girl of the Year. We think that Luciana Vega is a pretty doll, especially with her unique purple streak in her hair. Although we are a fan of Luciana, we do not think we will purchase her. As for her outfit, we are EXTREMELY big fans. In our opinion, the only downside is the pouch on the belt, but if this outfit was sold separately we would definitely purchase it.


Luciana’s Accessories  ~ $25

Although we understand that Luciana is supposed to be an an aspiring astronaut and all, the only pieces we find neccessary in her accessories are the backpack and the ice cream.


Luciana’s Mars Habitat ~ $350

Our first thoughts on this set was that it was overpriced. Once we did more research on it, we thought it was COMPLETELY overpriced. Even though it comes with a lot of items, most of them are simply for decoration and cannot be played with much.


Luciana’s Flight Suit ~ $28

We did not expect this to be this cheap for an American Girl product. I mean, $28 for an AG outfit?!?!? That’s cheap. The color is beautiful and the patches add a lot of realistic detail. This outfit would look cute on any doll, but we think Luciana looks especially adorable in it.


Luciana’s Maker Station  ~ $100

Even though this is not as overpriced as the Mars Habitat, we do find this product overpriced because half of the set is basically Legos. As for the rest of the set, it does have a large play value.


Lucianas PJs ~ $24

Although these suit her very well and are adorable, we think they resemble more of everyday clothes than pajamas.


Luciana’s Telescope Projector Set  ~ $40

This set it cute, but $40 is definitely way too much for a telescope, blanket, and a few small items.


Luciana’s Robotic Dog  ~ $35

This robotic dog is so cool and extremely unique. American Girl has never done anything like it before. We think it is a perfect price for the amount of features that it is capable of. It can wag its tail, make sound, and so much more!


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit   ~ $34

We think this outfit is absolutely adorable and perfect for Luciana. The shoes would have to be our favorite part!


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories ~ $20

Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories are adorable and would be a perfect addition to a photoshoot. However, we feel that because most of the accessories are paper products, $20 is a little pricey.


Once again, we love Luciana’s collection and are surprised to see so many wonderful things in it.

What is your favorite item in Luciana’s collection? Tori’s would have to be the Robotic Dog, and Bella’s would probably be her meet outfit.

Thank you so much for reading and let us know what you think of GOTY 2018.

Write to you next time.

~ Tori, Bella, and the dolls


Wishing You Guys A Merry Christmas

Hey Readers! We know, we know. It’s not Christmas anymore! Well, we were busy on Christmas and we knew everyone would be posting yesterday, so we decided to do it today.

Instead of Fashion Friday this week, we decided that we would take pictures and create a Christmas post showing what all of our dolls were wearing. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you can still enjoy these pictures that we took of our dolls…

Without further ado….ENJOY


Although Izzy did not want to take this photo with her sister, we finally were able to snap it quickly before she could run away. he-he




Bella threw everything and the kitchen sink into this photo, but Dani seemed to enjoy it.



Izzy and Dani are having fun playing with snowmen and Rudolph.



Our Elf-on-the-Shelf, Elfis, made an appearance in this photo.



Happy Holidays from the AGsparklesisters gang!

We hoped you guys enjoyed seeing our dolls in their Christmas dresses. In the 3rd and 4th photos, our dolls are on chairs and Tori and Bella received for Christmas.

Tori’s favorite Christmas present was her book of Fairytales from The Land of Stories series. Bella’s was her catchers equipment for Spring softball.

What did you guys get for Christmas (if you celebrate it) and what was your favorite gift? Did your dolls get anything? We’d love it if you guys would let us know in the comments.

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Our First Q&A!

Hey Readers! So today we are doing our first Q&A. If you read our previous posts, you may know that we asked for questions. We got quite a few questions from some really cool bloggers.

Also, there will be two answers for some questions because Tori and Bella have different opinions on certain topics.

Now, onto the questions and answers…

Which GOTY is your favorite?                                                                         Tori: Isabelle, definitely. Although she is not extremely unique, I think that she is gorgeous and her hair is pretty easy to manage and fun to do hairstyles with.

Bella: My favorites are probably Saige and Nikki. I love their hair colors and their freckles are so cute. They are both so different, but they are both gorgeous too!

What is the next AG doll you want?

Tori: If I were to get another AG doll, I would probably want a Wellie Wisher. My favorite Wellie Wisher is Ashlyn, so if I were to get one it would be her.                                  Bella:  I would most likely get Truly Me #39, but I also do love the red heads. If I do get her it would probably be a few years from now and I would probably name her Brooklyn.

When does your winter break start?

Both: Our winter break starts on December 23, the day before Christmas Eve.

What are you asking for for Christmas?

Tori: This year, I am not asking for any doll items. However, I will tell you the other things I am asking for. If you do not care, skip to the next question. I am asking for books, boardgames, and my favorite movie ever on DVD, National Treasure (seriously, it’s amazing. Go watch it.)                                                                                                                           Bella: This year for Christmas I am not asking for any doll items (not saying I definitely won’t get any). What I really want is catcher’s equipment for softball. I also want a few Alex and Ani bracelets, some Lush products (not that I need more), and turtle slippers.

When did you get your first AG Doll?                                                       Tori: I got my first AG doll, Angel (JLY #13), for Christmas in 2008.       Bella: I got my first AG doll, Natalia (JLY #30), for Christmas in 2010.

How many dolls do you have in total?                                                       Both: We have 5 dolls in total. Angel and Izzy are Tori’s. Talia, Dani, and Kenzie are Bella’s.

Who’s your best friend and why?                                                                   Tori: My best friend’s name is Chloe. We met on the first day of Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since.                                                                                                              Bella: My best friends name is Adriana. We haven’t been friends for that long, but she is wonderful. If you are interested in slime, go check out her slime shop on Etsy. It is called Little Slime Shoppe. I’m obsessed with her slime!

If you were to name yourself, what would your name be?             Tori: If I were to name myself, (assuming I have to give myself a new name) I would probably name myself a really pretty girly name, like Bella (aka my sister) or a version of it like Ella (who knows).                                                                                                                        Bella: I’m not sure what I would name myself. There are so many names I like. Glad I don’t have too!

Why do you like AG dolls?                                                                               Tori: I like AG dolls because they are a super fun hobby and there is so much to do with them. You can dress them, take photos of them, just play with them. They give you something to do in your freetime.                                                                            Bella: I like AG dolls because they are adorable. I love fashion so one of my favorite things to do is dress them. Also, blogging about them and taking pictures of them to share gives us and the people that view them joy.

Do you think AG is overpriced?                                                                       Both: Definitely. Especially now. Way back when, AG was even a little overpriced, but you could deal with it. Now, these prices are outrageous, which is why you rarely see us buy new things. We need to pay for college, you know.

Which one of your posts made you cringe?                                                    Both: Our Almost at 15 followers post makes us cringe now. At the time, it did not because it was a big deal to us, but now I realize that it was not that big of a deal. And why 15 followers? Why not 10 or 20? 15 is such a random number.

How long have you had your blog?                                                                 Both: We have had our blog since July 6, 2016.

When did you first find out about AG Dolls?                                                                  Both: We found out about AG sometime around 2008 or so. Our older cousin had American Girl dolls and whenever we went over her house, we would ask to play with them, so in 2008, our aunt gave Tori her first doll and Bella received a Bitty Baby that year.

Will you ever outgrow AG dolls?                                                                                   Both: Well, we cannot predict the future, but we are assuming that eventually, we will. (As much as we do not want to). It is just that we have taking so many breaks from playing with our dolls, that it is bound to happen that the break will be permanent at some point.

Well, there it is. Our first Q and A. We hope you enjoyed and thank you guys for submitting questions. We had a lot of fun answering them. If you have any follow up questions about the questions we answered, feel free to leave them in the comments and we will be glad to answer them!

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

DIY Doll Snowglobe

Hey Readers! We have yet another Dollidays post for you! This is our first ever DIY on our blog, and today we are going to be showing you how to make doll snowglobes.

Materials:                                                                                                                                                  ~ Doll-Sized Jar (we found ours at Target a while ago. it was filled with paperclips)              ~ Water (enough to fill the jar almost to the top)                                                                             ~ Glitter (read below to learn more about the glitter)                                                                  ~Any mini object (Trees, Animals…read about our mini objects down below)

The mini objects that we have are pencil toppers from Target. Sadly, we could not find a link for you guys, but pencil toppers work great as they are the perfect size. Displayed up above, we have a snowman and a penguin.

Sorry about the poor lighting in this picture. We got the glitter in a four-pack from Target. The great part about this glitter is that once you are done, you can reuse the jars for another doll craft!

Onto the actual steps on how to make it…



Step 1: Fill the jar almost to the top. Our jar fit about 1/4 cup of water, but it depend on the size of your jar. Do not fill it all the way to the top because once you add the mini object the water will rise. Next, add any type of glitter you would like. We use some silver glitter to resemble snow, and some blue because it added some nice color.


Step 2: Glue the mini object to the lid of your jar. Make sure your glue is water proof!

Step 3: Turn the lid upside down and screw in onto the jar. Sorry this picture is blurry. Our camera wasn’t focusing too well.

Step 4: Flip it over so that the lid is on the bottom and TA-DA!

This craft is super cute, and looks great in your doll’s room during the holidays or can even look great in a photoshoot or photostory.

If you decide to do this craft, we would love to see pictures. You can email them to us at

Well, that’s enough writing for today so…

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Daniela’s Snowtoshoot

Hey Readers! For the longest time, we wanted to take pictures of our dolls in the snow, but we were always too nervous to bring them outside in the snow. However, this year we did for you guys, even though it was a bad experience because of Tori (who hates the snow). But don’t worry, we’ll still do it again next year. We took these pictures last week, but never got to downloading them. Now that we have time, we were able to download them, edit them, and make this post. Ta-da! Hope you enjoy!


Let us know which picture was your favorite in the comment section.

We hope you liked our first ever Snowtoshoot! Get it? (Bella came up with the name)

Well, write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Fashion Friday: 12/15/17

Hey Readers! So here is this week’s Fashion Friday (or Saturday) post! Sorry it’s a bit late! We didn’t get home until really late last night and didn’t have any time to post it. So here it is now:

This week, our dolls are wearing dresses and sneakers. Talia is wearing her hair down with a headband from the AG ballet outfit. She is also wearing a handmade dress and Our Generation high tops.

This weekend we planned to have one or two winter-themed posts so keep a look out for those.

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Holiday Hairstyle Tutorials

Hey Readers! Today we will be showing you some cute holiday hairstyles. They are not the most complex, but they are just some fun ideas that you may want to consider doing with your dolls’ hair this season.

The Rudolph Bun:

Step 1: Make a neat bun on top of the dolls head. If you are having trouble, try staring out with a ponytail and then wrap the hair around the base of it to form a bun.

Step 2: Stuff a mini red pom-pom into the center, where there is a slight hole. Make sure that it is deep enough that it won’t fall out, but showing enough so you can still see it.

Step 3: Make a pair of antlers out of cardboard. You can handdraw a pair or use this template.

Step 4: Place the antlers in the top of the bun.

Scrunchie Style

Step 1: Do any hairstyle in your dolls hair, whether it be a bun, a ponytail, or a braid.

Step 2: Tie it off with a cute, simple scrunchie. This is simple, yet it adds some holiday flair to any outfit.

Half-Ponytail w/ Ribbon

Step 1: Make a half ponytail.

Step 2: Add holiday-colored ribbons, whether it be red and green for Christmas or blue and white for Hanukkah. Once again, simple but has holiday flair.

Another fun accessory is if you add a Santa or an Elf hat to any hairstyle. Your dolls could even just where them on their own. 

Overall, we think these hairstyles are super cute and easy to do, especially if you need something quick but cute. Also, this is our first holiday post of the season, so yay!

Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Fashion Friday: 12/8/17

Hello! How is your day going? So, we did not post Fashion Friday this Friday. Or Saturday. Both days we did not have the best lighting. But today we did, so here it is. Yes, we do have the same theme as last week. Did we also mention that we did not dress them in new outfits? He-he.

Okay, moving on…

This week, our dolls are wearing party-themed outfits. Izzy is wearing her hair in a high side ponytail with a cheetah-print bow that we made a really long time ago. She is also wearing a polka-dot print dress from Build-a-Bear Workshop and sparkly purple sneakers from Justice. Isabelle DEFINITELY partied too hard.

Also, we have some exciting news. Well, exciting for us, but maybe not so much for you. On Friday, we found out that our school is doing a production of The Wizard of Oz Jr! We are super excited!

Have any of you guys ever been in a musical?

Anyway, write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

Mackenzie’s Fall Photoshoot

Ever since we returned to blogging, we have planned on doing a fall photoshoot with Mackenzie so without further ado, here it is.

Also, read all they way until the end because we need your guys’ opinions on something.

This one is probably one of our favorite photos in the photoshoot. It’s our new profile picture, as you can see.

You can really see how pretty her hair is in this one.

And this one.

Not really this one.

The leaves look like they go on for miles in this one.


Here’s a secret: she is not actually laying in the leaves. He-he.

Kenzie is sitting on a set of stairs covered in leaves in this photo.

The sun’s glare makes the photo really pretty.

What is Kenzie looking at?

This photo took a long time to do because Bella told Tori that she was not properly kicking the leaves.

Bella had to sit on top of a set of monkey bars handling both the doll and the camera for this picture.

Sooooo….. what did you think?

Usually, we use an iPhone camera and edit the photos we take, but for this photoshoot, our dad let us use the family camera and the pictures came out a whole lot better. We only had to edit a few photos. Be sure to let us know your opinion.

We hope you enjoyed this post because we spent an hour outside in the cold weather to do this. We cannot feel our fingers, but it was all worth it. (Seriously, Bella has one red finger, one white finger, and one purple finger. Don’t worry. That’s normal.)

Well, I guess we have nothing else to say. Write to you next time.

~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

P.S. You may have noticed the new profile picture from this photoshoot.

P.P.S. If you read this far, include a ❤ in your comment.