The Dolls

Angel was Tori’s first American Girl Doll, and the first American Girl Doll in the AGsparklesisters collection. Tori received her for Christmas in 2008.

Name: Angel

Nickname(s): None

Birthday: December 25, 2008

Type: JLY (Just Like You) #13

Natalia was Bella’s first American Girl Doll. She received her for Christmas in 2010.

Name: Natalia Crystal

Nickname(s): Talia, Tals

Birthday: December 25, 2010

Type: JLY (Just Like You) #30

Isabelle was Tori’s second doll, and the third doll to enter the AGsparklesisters collection. Tori bought her with her own money in 2014.

Name: Isabelle Palmer

Nickname(s): Izzy

Birthday: July 17, 2014

Type: Girl of the Year 2014

Daniela was brought home the same day Tori purchased Izzy. Daniela was bought by Bella with her own money.

Name: Daniela McKayla

Nickname(s): Dani

Birthday: July 17, 2014

Type: MAG (My American Girl) #22


Bella received Mackenzie for Christmas in 2015. Mackenzie is the newest doll in the AGsparklesisters collection.

Name: Mackenzie Grace

Nickname(s): Kenzie

Birthday: December 25. 2015

Type: TM (Truly Me) #23